Mandate Men's Ministry


Portfolio three

Dr A.R Bernard

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speaker,, life coach, strategist
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Lord Michael Hastings CBE

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director, CBE
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Ken Costa

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musician, presenter, composer
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Our Mandate to Men

  • Building Godly Men

    We believe that only God can be the perfect role model of what men ought to aspire to. We are therefore in constant search of of the knowledge of God that changes a man from within until he is restored to the image of God.
  • Empowering Men for Change

    We provide practical resources that enable men to thrive and succeed in righteousness in a confused and immoral world. Men who can stand out and be excellent in their business, family, career and relationships.
  • Launching World Changers

    Mandate Men understand the mandate upon them to make positive impact to the world around them. Godly and empowered, they go ahead to bring sustainable solutions to their communities in their areas of expertise.


  • The revelation, the information, the wisdom you get is just fantastic!

    - Otty Warmann

  • The quality of leaders that you meet... I will definitely be on the front seat [at the event] no doubt.

    - DJ Yemi

  • If only every man could experience the depth of knowledge taught at each session at this conference!

    - Bosmaen

  • Truth, and very awesome... I love the subject on manhood. I'm on the verge of becoming a man.

    - Makushe

  • "I am ready for the fight. The fight against falsehood and those who peddle it."

    - Sibbald